Frequently Asked Questions
1. How can I contact GEASC?
We're here to help! If you need any assistance or information, you can reach us by mailing to:
2. How do I log into my GEASC account?
Please followthe easy steps bellow:
1. Go the home page of GEASC website.
2. Click “Sign Up” on the right hand corner of the page.
3. Fill out the information and click “ Submit”.
4. You will receive a confirmation email to indicating your sign up has been successful.
3. What if I forgot my password?
1. Go the home page of GEASC website.
2. Click “Sign In” on the right hand corner of the page.
3. Click “Forgot your password”.
4. You will receive a password reset email to your registered email.
4. What are deadlines for conference registration and submission of papers?
The deadlines for the conference can be found on each conference website.
5. Do I have to pay for all papers if I wish to present more than one paper?
Yes. If you are presenting more than one paper at the conference, you have to pay the full amount for each paper. For example, if you submit 2 papers and would like to present them, you would have to pay 500 USD*2, equaling to 1,000 USD in total.
6. Can we have a certificate for co-authors?
If the co-author would like to have the certificate, he/she would have to complete the full payment.
7. Can I register as a group?
We encourage you to invite colleagues to participate in the conference and submit original research to the conference. For group discount, please contact GEASC Secretariat:
8. How do I get the Certificate of Attendance?
The organizer committee issue only one certificate for each submission that completes the registration.
For example, 2 authors of one submission all complete the payment, they will receive 2 certificate of presentation. If only 1 author complete the payment, he/she will be issued one certificate of presentation and other co-author won't be issued the certificate.
Certificate of Presentation: for Authors (indicates a presenter’s name, affiliation and the paper title that is presented in the scheduled session)
Certificate of Attendance: for Listeners (includes participant’s name and affiliation, certifying the participation in the conference)
If you need both "Certificate of Presentation" and "Certificate of Attendance", please email to secretariat in advance:
9. What journals does GEASC publish and where can I obtain information about them?
Find the information Here.
10. What is your conference cancellation policy?
Registration fee is non-refundable and it includes charges for conference participation only. Please take this into consideration before complete the payment.