Visa Support
GEASC provides visa support to the authors and audiences that require it to attend the conference.
Please kindly find the details below:

Letter of Invitation

GEASC will provide you with an e-letter of invitation issued by the Conference Committee Board that clearly states the dates of the conference, the venue of the conference, including information of the hotel address and name of the hotel, and confirmation of your attendance to the conference.

How to download the Letter of Invitation?
Please download the Letter of Invitation at the Member center after you have signed up to be the member to attend the conference and have already completed your payment. Steps:
1. Login in your account.
2. Go to “ Member Center”.

3. Click “Download Acceptance Letter & Receipt”.

Further Visa Assistance

All questions/concerns regarding the status of your visa should be directed to the Spanish immigration authorities or Spanish Embassy in your home country.

If your visa application is denied, please note that GEASC will not be able to change the decision of the Spanish immigration authorities, nor will GEASC engage in discussion or correspondence with the Spanish Embassy on behalf of the applicant.
*GEASC is not authorized to assist with the visa process beyond providing a Letter of Invitation.