GEASC Paper Format

Uploaded on 2018.12.14

Dear Delegates,

2019 Global Engineering & Applied Science Conference (GEASC) will take place from August 27-29, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan

Below is the paper format,

Basic Submission Rules

Language English
Paper length Abstract: less than 800 words within 2 pages
Full paper: within 12 pages, including references, tables/ charts
and keywords
Keywords 3-5 words
Font 12-point Times New Roman
Paragraph Single-spaced
Margin Normal
(Top :2.54 cm , Bottom: 2.54 cm; Left : 3.18cm , Right: 3.18cm)
Page numbers Bottom-centered
Layout One-column Portrait
Format MS Word-compatible file
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Global Engineering & Applied Science Conference
2019 GEASC Secretariat